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Just as canaries were used in coal mines to ensure the workers were safe, we named our company Canary because we offer a unique, innovative system that's put in place to keep everyone safe financially.


By advancing the usage of emergency relief funds, we help provide a safety net for individuals during times of financial need and give them the peace of mind and confidence needed to recover quickly.


The Canary team brings together diverse perspectives from the field of financial health to deliver exceptional products, thought leadership, and partnership, all while maintaining deep empathy for and understanding of the individuals they aim to serve.

Rachel Schneider

Rachel leads Canary in creating an ambitious, high impact solution for some of the challenges that she uncovered as co-author of The Financial Diaries: How Americans Cope in a World of Volatility and as an early employee at the Financial Health Network.

Kimberly Gartner

Kimberly develops high impact, cross-sector partnerships and leads Canary’s consulting work. As the original driver the Financial Health Network’s consulting business, Kimberly has deep experience in advising enterprises large and small on how to develop products and services that build financial security. 

Aliza Gutman

Aliza leads the design and development of our product. She brings experience in product strategy and insights from roles at Charles Schwab, the Financial Health Network, and PayPal.


Canary is incubated at The Workers Lab as part of its Design Sprint for Social Change. The Workers Lab invests in experiments and innovation that build power for working people.

Canary is grateful for the thought leadership and ongoing advice of Commonwealth.

Canary’s work is made possible through collaboration with BlackRock, Citi Community Development, Flourish, and the Robin Hood Foundation.

Work with Canary

Whether you are interested in our Grant Circle emergency relief fund, consulting work, or partnering together on research, we’d love to hear from you.

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