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Design Sprint for Social Change: Workers Strength Fund Pre-Pilot Report

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

This report, originally written and published by The Workers Lab, summarizes work undertaken by Commonwealth and advised upon by Rachel Schneider, Canary CEO.

Far too many workers in the United States are vulnerable to falling into poverty. Their incomes don’t allow them to meet basic needs, their hours are long and unpredictable, and they have no real ability to save for an emergency, let alone their futures. Existing solutions to meet workers’ day-to-day financial needs are insufficient, often predatory, stressful to whole communities, and can result in devastating financial and emotional costs. Workers are in urgent need of a safety net for times of financial stress.

The Workers Lab’s Design Sprint Team, led by Commonwealth, is piloting the Workers Strength Fund (WSF) to better understand how providing gig platform workers up to $1,000 to cover unexpected expenses impacts their financial and psychological well-being and future.


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