Give your employees a hand up toward financial freedom

Life happens. You can help your employees get back on their feet.

Partner with Canary to implement a financial hardship grant fund that uses behavioral design and data to understand and drive impact.

Canary helps employers and employees build a brighter future together.

We’re building a financial hardship fund that is:


Money is available to employees when they need it. We understand that a quick turnaround is integral to getting the right money at the right time.


Built entirely online, we provide you with a better user experience at a lower cost, and your employees can access the fund from wherever they may be.


Data collection about triggers, usage, and impact power insights and iteration to increase return on the funds invested over time.

How can your employees benefit?

A woman who cleans houses for a living has an old car with a busted transmission. Without the $2,000 needed to fix it, she cannot get to work and is at risk of losing her job and thus income needed to pay rent.

A college student working part-time has an emergency dental procedure that results in an out-of-pocket fee he cannot afford to pay.  A $750 grant to cover the bill could prevent him from dropping out of school and losing out on the higher earnings associated with completing his degree program.

A pipe burst in a retail worker’s home, causing significant damage. He will have to request time off work to schedule and supervise repairs. $5,000 can help him pay for some of the repairs and prevent his family from going into debt due to family expenses they can no longer cover due to missed work and unearned income.

Work with Canary

We’d love to work with you on implementing a workplace hardship fund or consult on one you already have in place. Let us know how we can help you create a brighter future for your employees.

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