Life happens. You can help your employees get back on their feet.

Grant Circle is an emergency relief fund powered by Canary. It’s designed to help sponsoring organizations offer protection and security to their community members during times of personal financial hardship.

Grant Circle helps communities take care of each other in times of need.

Initially designed with employers and their employees in mind, this product is flexible enough to fit the needs of many different types of organizations that care about offering emergency support to their communities, including city governments and their residents, universities and their students, and sharing economy platforms and their networks of participants.

Grant Circle is an emergency relief fund that is:


Grant Circle allows both the sponsoring organization and participating community members to contribute to the fund. 


User-friendly, mobile-optimized, online experience and streamlined application process facilitate timely receipt of funds.


Consistent, transparent third-party decision-making process supports trust between you and your community members.


Data-driven insights improve impact for both grant recipients and sponsoring organizations.

How can members of your community benefit?


A healthcare worker has an old car that breaks down unexpectedly. Without the $1,200 she needs for the repairs, she cannot get to work and is at risk of losing her job and the income needed to pay her rent.

A college student working part-time has an emergency dental procedure that results in an out-of-pocket fee he cannot afford to pay.  A $750 grant to cover the bill could prevent him from paying the fee with money intended for his tuition or course books, enabling him to finish his semester and perhaps even his degree.


A pipe burst in a retail worker’s home, causing significant damage. He will have to request time off work to schedule and supervise repairs. $3,000 can help him pay for some of the repairs and prevent his family from going into debt due to family expenses they can no longer cover due to missed work and unearned income.

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